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Welcome to Sleep Services Australia

Sleep Services Australia, National Provider of Home-based Sleep Studies offers:
  • Sleep Study Centres throughout Australia for Home-Based Studies and CPAP Therapy
  • CPAP Trials plus ongoing evaluations
  • Specialist Sleep and Respiratory Consultations
  • Lung Function Testing
    1.    Spirometry
    2.    Gas Transfer (DLCO)
    3.    Bronchial Challenge
    4.    Lung Volume
  • Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) Therapy
  • Treatment options for sleep and respiratory disorders
  • Suppliers of CPAP machines, masks and  accessories

We also offer:

  • On-site training for our external Sleep Study Centres
  • Clinical and Educational presentations to Medical, Specialist, Community and Sports Centres
Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Some Sleep disorders are serious enough to interfere with normal physical, mental and emotional performance.

Sleep Study Centres

Sleep Study Centres

Sleep Services Australia have accredited Sleep Study Centres nation-wide that offer many services.



Understanding what sleep study is and how one can diagnose the problem by making an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions and answers one needs to know about Provent Therapy and more.